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The Allure of Lavender Jade

Natural gemstones with an ancient provenance are perennial favorites for jewelry lovers. Their storied past adds to their intrigue. A very modern woman can wear a stone that was also treasured by a woman thousands of years ago. What a connection that makes to our ancient predecessors! And it reminds us of how very much alike we may be in basic ways.

Ancient & Modern
Jade is one such ancient gemstone--revered now as it was in its hoary roots. All similar looking stones were 'jade' in antiquity. Much later, it was determined that two distinct stones are jade--one being jadeite, the other nephrite. They have completely different mineral compositions but these fine points only came to the fore when scientific strides allowed gemologists to make this separation.

Colorful Jade
Many people generally assume jade to be some shade of green, when in actuality, it can range from verdant tones to those appearing white, yellow, black, red, orange and more.

Lavender jade is a fascinating …

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