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The Pink Wink

By now, even casual jewelry fans have heard of tanzanite--the legendary one-source rare gemstone.

What You Don't Know
What you might not know is that the mineral zoisite---which is tanzanite's official designation, has been around for eons. But its previous discoveries were not gem quality nor were they this heart stopping blue violet we recognize.

Tanzanite is the branded name given to an extraordinary one-source gem quality transparent zoisite.
It enjoys an unusual distinction of being a relatively recent gemstone discovery. Most precious colored stones have been around for centuries.

New Kid on the Block
We've seen ancient rubies, sapphires, and emeralds in royal collections the world over. Museums proudly display early discoveries of civilizations long gone who avidly collected the same colorful gems we adore today.

But Tanzanite was discovered serendipitously in the mid 20th century--quite by accident the story goes. Prior to outside geologists rooting around in Africa…

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